The way the world views TV has changed dramatically. 
More households are utilizing multiple platforms to view their content and a new era of
              more targeted, localized ad viewing has arrived.              
This is especially advantageous for our small to medium sized clients
 looking to market directly to potential customers in their immediate markets. 
To achieve this goal, we focus on Exclusive Viewership Data, Household Targeting and
Custom advertising campaigns created for each month, geography and audience simultaneously. 
We are an Agency Partner with
Our rich data and consumer insights help to FIND your optimal audience across all screens
We TARGET your audience with a strategic campaign across the screens and sites in the specific geographies that matter
We REPORT transparent, easy-to-read campaign metrics to inform and optimize campaign effectiveness
We PROVE the impact your Effectv campaign had on your business
Together, we help make meaningful connections with your target audience
on premium TV content – no matter the device.

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