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Product Promotion for Quality Mart Grocery & Liquor

After building their 6000 product eCommerce website, our client asked us to oversee all of their social media needs as well.  Our job became monthly, weekly and often daily updates across all social platforms and on in-store monitors and print.  Below, is a marketing video simultaneously showcasing one of their many product lines while celebrating that product's holiday.

MOAR asked us to update and redesign their website making it more user friendly, less cluttered and more inclusive.  In response, we created a sleek looking, bilingual (English & Spanish) website that is also ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant.

MOAR Homepage.png

We were asked by a copywriter friend to design an ad using their copy for a national makeup line, as part of a campaign featured during Pride Month. 

Men Should Wear Makeup.png